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  • Controll FHEM devices with amazon dash button

    I explained in this article how you can execute IFTTT actions with the Amazon dash button. By changing a single line of code you can switch an FHEM device. How does it work? By calling a URL (HHTP Post Request) you can tell FHEM to do soemthing. This way you can switch lights on or […] More

  • Fhem config file (fhem.cfg) write protected

    After the last major update of FHEM, the FHEM configurtion file (fhem.cfg) is write protected and cannot be changed. This protection was set in order to protect system settings and files to be changed by new users. If you click in the FHEM user interface onto Edit files and then fhem.cfg as you are used to […] More

  • Enable UART Port on Raspberry Pi

    By standard the UART interface is configured as serial console. If you want to use the UART interface for other things, e.g. for a GPS module, the standard function needs to be deactivated. More

  • Guide to Installing Node.js on a Raspberry Pi

    Node.js is a open source platform to create network applications using JavaScript. The applications are executed on the server and not as usual on the client in the browser. Integrated modules, such as the HTTP-module, enable the realisation of web servers. Additional modules can be simply installed using the supplied package manager npm. Update 04.09.2016: […] More

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