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  • FHEM Tip #1: update and restart button in FHEM sidebar

    Click on Edit files in the side bar and then fhem.cfg Copy the following code into the fhem.cfg file and click on save fhem.cfg. attr WEB menuEntries Update,cmd=update,UpdateCheck,cmd=update+check,Restart,cmd=shutdown+restart After the page was reloaded, three new menue entries should appear in the side bar, namely Update: updated FHEM to the most recent version (requires restart) UpdateCheck: […] More

  • Install FHEM on a Raspberry Pi or Debian Linux

    What is FHEM? FHEM is a open source server for home automation that is written in Perl. It can perform repeating tasks at home, such as, switching lights, heating, rolling shutters. It can also record an visualise data such as temperature, humidity, power consumption. More

  • Install Discourse with Docker in a Subfolder with SSL and serve other content with nginx under the same domain

    Discourse is a great free and open-source forum software. There is an Linux installation guide with docker, but Discourse runs with a subdomain like I want Discourse run in a subfolder like There is a guide how to do this, but how to configure the nginx server to serve other content ( or […] More

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